Bravehearts eNews – 24 July 2020


Dear Parents / Guardians

“Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people.”
Zig Ziglar

I thought the words by Zig Ziglar appropriate as it encapsulated what so many of us are going through or are often faced with, whilst Covid-19 has not helped either. The power of the tongue and our words as well as our private thinking cannot be over-estimated or conversely, downplayed. Teaching our children the power of appropriate communication and being able to express one’s thoughts is a more than vital life-skill.

You would have all received the letter from me last night that independent schools remain open, despite the government’s decision to temporarily close the public/government schools for the next 4 weeks. I am grateful for this “freedom” as an independent school to be able to do so. However, it reminds me that more than ever we as a school (and individuals) need to remain serious about maintaining good protocols and reinforcing self-discipline.

In a recent conversation with Sister Rose, I was also reminded that we all work with people who clean and cook for us whose children cannot go to school, despite the fact that they want to do so. Now is the time to be kind, humble and “take care of our words”.