Senior Primary

Clifton’s 40 hectare campus, designed with children’s holistic growth and learning in mind, moulds independent, resilient, confident children.

In the intentional pursuit of growing and preparing our children for high school and life, Clifton has designed and strives to continually develop a relevant, exciting, challenging and integrated curriculum driven by passionate, forward-thinking educators.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional academic offering. We have specialist subject teachers in Maths, English, Afrikaans and isiZulu. Integrated Studies (History, Geography and Natural Science) are taught through a relevant, thematic, immersion in the content covered by class teachers. We pride ourselves on celebrating our inclusive nature, offering tailor-made learning support programmes (ILP) where necessary. The Clifton Differently-Abled Class brings the whole school community much joy and respect for others different to us.

Our Out & About Programme, servant leadership philosophy, Grade 6 and 7 tutor system and partnership projects with local schools and organisations ensure our children are mindful of being contributing members of a broader society.

Our end product should be a balanced, inquisitive member of society who has developed emotional intelligence and is a motivated learner for life.

“The ideal place to grow children; the Clifton “free-range child” is allowed the freedom and space to find their own niche, what makes them tick, to take their own risks and to grow from these.”

– Mr Pete Quinn, Deputy Head

A typical Clifton Senior Primary experience includes:

Special events throughout the year include:

  • Boeresport Dag
  • Grade 4 Farmers Sale
  • Grade 7 Entrepreneurship Day
  • Inter-house sports days
  • Literature Week
  • Outreach events, such as CANSA
  • Shavathon
  • Arbor Day
  • Grade Trips
  • Senior Primary Productions

At Clifton, every day is open day