The Ideal Place to Learn

The Ideal Place to Learn

Academic Programmes at Clifton

A blend of the old and new, the Clifton Learning Experience is a balance between the traditional and nontraditional settings and programmes.

Specialised Learning Programmes at Clifton include:

Academic and Learning Support

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.” George Evans.

Clifton is proud of the multidisciplinary approach which supports children with academic and learning needs. Qualified Occupational and Speech Therapists, a Remedial Therapist and an on-site Educational Psychologist make up this team, together with a bank of facilitators. Co-ordination of the learning support team is facilitated by the Academic Support Co-ordinator.

Aligned with this is our approach that all our children are supported by twice yearly standardised assessments, while each child will be profiled at least once to determine where their perceptual strengths lie in order to optimise learning potential.

One of the pupil-specific programmes that caters to the individual pupil’s academic needs is the Individual Learning Programme (ILP). An ILP can be a short term or a long term programme depending on the individual’s specific need. It takes place mostly in class, in either a group or a one-on-one situation. The approach is very flexible as it needs to adjust to the child’s changing needs. The class teacher, facilitator and Academic Support co-ordinator all work very closely together, meeting regularly. All have the same end goal and objective in mind. Regular review and feedback to parents is vital as it is important that the child sees us all working together as a team in order to correct the area of difficulty.

Interactive Smartboard activities and iPad sessions

Technology is everywhere around us. Most homes have computers, internet connectivity and lots of children have their own handheld devices. It is known that technology is a significant part of our children’s future. We at Clifton embrace the need for technology as a part of daily life by incorporating it into our curriculum.

iPads at Clifton

To equip our children with the skills they need, we strive to integrate IT into the daily curriculum and learning. Presently, Clifton has 100 iPads which are used daily by our children across the various subjects. Garage Band, i-Movies, Number Sense and Quizz Lit are some of the apps presently used. These apps help the children to be able to create and do presentations, access notes and interact with their peers and teachers via Google Classroom.

Interactive Smartboards

Each classroom at Clifton is equipped with a touch screen smartboard enabling teachers to design interactive lessons using up-to-date technology.


Robotics is offered as an optional extra. The aim is to enhance the children’s creative and engineering skills as they troubleshoot and invent robots. Collaboration is key and the children learn to develop this skill as they are required to develop solutions for various scenarios as they apply and test their designs for full functionality.

STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths

Clifton’s STEAM or Coding Lounge is the school’s ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) classroom. STEAM at Clifton includes introduction to robotics. The classroom houses four desktop computers in addition to three laptops allocated purely for use by students for research work, photo and video editing and for all their printing needs. Clifton has a specialised technology integration teacher for STEAM lessons for Grades 4 to 6.

Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies is the teaching of History, Geography and Natural Science in themes or units. These units, while focusing on the subject-specific content, are generated specifically to develop, improve and hone skills necessary for success in the 21st Century (such as collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) which we believe will make our children more adaptable learners for life.


Lego is a firm favourite with children. The Junior Primary currently attend two lego sessions in the 3rd term. Lego enables children to think creatively and reason logically. Imagination is brought to reality through their individual designs and building skills.

Mastering how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) all comes together to solve problems and create inventions. They learn about things like gears, pulleys, etc.

This educational programme accompanies the pre-school child along the affective maturity stages of their development. It follows the Aucouturier method. Its philosophy is grounded on the child’s unique inner programme of development. It is based on extensive research and the understanding of the role of emotion in the development process and the physical unity of the child.

Children choose to play freely on specific equipment in a stimulating environment, in a non-directive way. Their freedom is conditional to the rules:

  • We don’t hurt others
  • We don’t hurt ourselves
  • We respect the equipment

Based on the non-violent communication conceptual model, the programme empowers the children to solve conflict peacefully. This holistic programme prepares the child physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively for the learning process.

NumberSense Maths Programme

The NumberSense Maths Programme adopted by Clifton has proven to be a vital cog in our academic machinery. This programme is implemented from Grade 0 to Grade 7 and is structured to ensure scaffolded learning and mastery of the skills necessary for growth in confidence and ability. As a result our children meet with success in the subject within their area of proximal development. In Grade 7 the NumberSense programme is complemented in the latter part of the year by way of the Keys Maths Programme, which prepares our children for the rigours of high school.

Watch our Head of Curriculum and Head of Mathematics teach a NumberSense maths lesson.

Out and About Programme

Task badges are earned by completing a set number of tasks. Earning three badges means a Clifton Bronze certificate is achieved; six a Clifton Silver and when all ten badges have been earned, a Clifton Gold Certificate is awarded. The badges include: First Aid, Camp Craft, Farming, Weather Watcher, Conservationist, Adventurer, Life Skills, Base Manager, Clifton Traditions and Orienteering. The Environmental Hut allows access to relevant reading material.