Junior Primary

Our small classes are led by enthusiastic, experienced teachers thereby affording each child the opportunity to shine and be the best that they can be.

The programmes and methods used to teach reading, spelling and maths in the Junior Primary are based on acknowledging the unique and diverse range within a group of children. Both Time2Read, which is used to teach reading and spelling skills, as well as NumberSense – our maths programme, allows each child to learn at their own pace.

Clifton Notties is one of the few remaining preparatory schools to offer Junior Primary boarding.

“Free range children are not bottle fed, nor fed the same things day in and day out. They are encouraged to forage and fend for themselves, explore and discover their world around them and feast on the beautiful campus and all that it allows. The environment in which these children explore is safe and environmentally stimulating, encouraging self-discipline as well as lifelong learning.”

– Mrs Jo Fly, Grade 1 Teacher

A typical Clifton Junior Primary experience includes:

  • Classroom activities which include interactive smartboard activities and iPad sessions
  • Specialist teachers for the following subjects:
  • Overnight trips starting in Grade 1
  • Sport 
  • Playground, not only for playing but learning too

Special events happen throughout the year in the Junior Primary, these include:

    • Junior Primary Drama production in 3rd term
    • Junior Primary Inter-house Gala
    • Literature Week
    • Events such as CANSA Shavathon and SPCA
    • Related ‘special’ days such as Transport Day in Grade 1, Baking Day in Grade 2 and Chinese Banquet in Grade 3
    • Boeresport Dag

At Clifton, every day is open day