Academics at Clifton

“Free to Be” – our children are encouraged to learn through fun and free play under the guidance and facilitation of our nurturing teachers.

A safe, nature-based environment allows our children to just be children, as they grow through a multi-disciplinary approach of self-discovery and exploration.

Clifton is the ideal place to grow children, a place where each child can thrive in an environment that caters to their individual academic, social, emotional and physical needs.

At Clifton, we take pride in our culture of tolerance, inclusivity and respect.


Senior Primary

Academic Principles

We align our approach to academic growth with the following principles:

  • Support for self-directed learning
  • Developing an understanding of one’s most efficient learning style
  • Programmes which reflect the real world and which are innovative, inspiring and relevant
  • The recognition and support of individual needs and aspirations
  • Involvement of the parents and the community
  • Striving for the development of lifelong learning
  • Maintaining flexibility and accountability within the academic curriculum
  • Fostering critical and creative thinking, problem solving, risk-taking and decision making

All our efforts around their education take into account the following principles of learning:

  • We all learn in different ways
  • We all learn at different rates
  • We learn through interaction
  • We learn through observation
  • We learn through effort
  • Learning should be fun

At Clifton, every day is open day