The Ideal Place to Create

The Ideal Place to Create

Visual Arts

“Art enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time.”  –Thomas Merton

Clifton offers a rich and diverse Visual Arts curriculum in which our children are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of media and explore a variety of techniques. This allows each child to discover a medium of creativity that suits their individual style and interest.

The Clifton Visual Arts experience will make use of and develop the following skills:

– Critical thinking and problem-solving

– Collaboration and co-operation

– Agility and adaptability

– Initiative and entrepreneurship

– Good oral and written communication

– Accessing and analysing information

– Curiosity

Who does Art at Clifton?

Children from Grade 1-7 have an hour a week for Art Class. During class time we work in our well-equipped Art Room or in our beautiful grounds. Time is spent brainstorming, analysing and creating our own artworks as well as investigating the work of other artists.

What skills and techniques are learned in Art?

Aside from learning painting, drawing and printmaking techniques, there are opportunities for children to work with sculptural media and recycled materials. The World Economic Forum has identified 7 essential skills that will equip children for the future, and our innovative curriculum allows children the opportunity to learn and practise these.

Children are encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of media and are taught various skills and techniques. Observation skills are honed to enable children to take more notice of the world around them and to see the finer details that are so easily overlooked as we rush through life.

What are the popular materials used in Art?

We are very aware of the need to recycle. Good use is made of recyclable materials when creating three dimensional works of art. An Art Club is offered to children throughout the year.

The Clifton Nottingham Road art experience will include:

During the final term of the year, an Art Exhibition is held where the artworks are displayed giving the children an opportunity to take pride in, and show off their creations. The Junior Primary showcase their art at mid year.