The Clifton Boarding Experience

Clifton offers co-educational boarding from Grade 1, with options for weekly, termly and casual boarding. 

We can accommodate just over 100 boarders, with boys living in Usher House and our girls in Sutcliffe House. Our boarders share the campus with a number of full-time academic and boarding staff, who make sure they are well looked after.

Boarding is a key element of the Clifton ethos and traditions.

If you are considering the boarding experience for your children, there is no better place for them to be than at our wonderful school.

At Clifton, every day is open day, so please come visit us in Nottingham Road.

“The Hadedahs shatter the dawn silence from the tall fir trees, the Collard Sunbirds, White-eyes and Cape Robin join the chorus… a brilliant crimson glow lights up the eastern sky above Headmaster’s Woods, and a group of children stealthily slip out of the dormitories, to run across the dew… another day at Clifton has begun!”

– Clifton Master and Old Boy

We do this together, hand in hand, parents, teachers and children.

The Clifton Boarding Experience includes:

  • An opportunity to live in a community where learning, personal growth and exploration are a part of the experience
  • A safe place to fail and succeed as children develop emotional strength with self-initiative
  • A heightened ability to live and communicate with others
  • Extra hours to explore the campus; fishing, building forts, walking through the woods, time in the cricket nets, the Outdoor Adventure Centre, free-goof or casual afternoon reading under, or in, a tree
  • Homework guidance and mentorship from residential academic staff
  • Birthday breakfast song and cake to celebrate with friends
  • Termly theme evening
  • Sleep-outs in the Lapha with friends
  • Friday night “Youth Group”
  • Live in “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” Interns
When can my child start boarding at Clifton?

Clifton offers co-educational boarding from Grade 1 with Usher House for boys and Sutcliffe House for girls. Children are able to choose between termly, weekly and casual boarding.

Do boarders have a structured homework programme?

At Clifton we encourage the balance between work and play. To facilitate this balance, a varied choice of homework time for the Junior Primary and Senior Primary is provided by our academic staff. Full-time academic staff members who reside on campus run structured supervised homework sessions in the afternoon as well as manage homework sessions in the evening. This allows for free time for the children and staff to connect and speak about their day and experiences. 

What if my child is struggling emotionally or feeling ill?

Clifton offers a comprehensive support system which caters for a child’s every need.  Dorm mentors, duty staff, student teachers, an individual tutor system for senior children and a class teacher for all students from Grade 5, make up the comprehensive team of adults allocated to care for our boarders. Full-time academic staff members who reside on campus also contribute to the welfare of the boarders and run structured supervised homework sessions in the afternoon. Our Clifton sanatorium is managed by a trained nursing sister who is available 24/7 for the well-being of our boarders.

What happens on special occasions such as birthdays?

It is traditional for birthday children to be sung to at breakfast. The children also receive a cake to share with their class and friends. Every term a theme evening is held and events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and Spring, amongst others, are celebrated.

What will my child do on the weekends if they stay in boarding?

Organised weekend activities are available to our full boarders and they are encouraged to explore the natural environment that our 40ha campus offers. Children bring their bicycles, rib-sticks, roller blades, golf clubs and fishing rods to school. They can be seen across campus covered in mud, climbing trees, building forts, fishing and enjoying the outdoors!

We expect the boarders to work hard and play hard.