The Ideal Place to Grow Children

The Ideal Place to Grow Children

Clifton Governance

Clifton is governed by a Board of Trustees and a Board of Directors. The school is owned by a Trust and all authority for the governance of the school is vested in the Trustees.

Clifton is a non-profit, public-benefit organisation with a Board of Directors of the company. The Directors are appointed by the Trustees and are responsible for the strategic direction of the school. The Board appoint the Head of the School who, in turn, is responsible for appointing staff.

The Board has various sub-committees which oversee the following functions: Estates; Finance; Academics; Marketing and Information & Technology.

The Head and Senior Management report to the Board on a quarterly basis. The Senior Management team consists of the Headmaster, the Deputy Head, the HOD of Junior Primary, the HOD of Sport, HOD of Expressive Arts, HOD of Boarding and the Bursar.


Mr Adam Kethro (Chairman)

Mr Mike Nicholson

Mr Bill McQuade

Mr Stewart Johnstone

Mrs Jill Brown

Mrs Victoria Dillon

Mrs Angela Sacco

Mr Des Sacco


Mr Gary Banfield (Chairman)

Mr Simon Woodland (Chairman – Finance)

Mr Alan Adlington-Corfield (Chairman – Academic and IT)

Mr Rowan Holt (Chairman – Estates)

Mr Tom Turner

Mr David Arguile

Mr James Baker

Mrs Kari Greene

Mr Tim Brown

Mrs Audrey Mbuyazi

Mrs Karen McKenzie

Mr Mark Davies

Mr Andrew Ridl