Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 05 March 2020


Dear Parents

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

The past few days, animals and nature have been uppermost in my mind. Although the words attributed to Einstein concerning nature have been quoted by me before, they certainly resonate.

I am sure you would have heard that we had an unfortunate incident between Stanley, my daschund and our much –loved school peacock, Kevin. I am relieved to report that Kevin is recovering well and apparently even made the pages of social media! Our thanks to Di Foden for her expertise and support. – We have in the past few days also had two snakes discovered in gardens and other areas of our School. Staff have reacted swiftly with care, whilst the snakes were placed in the much-viewed snake-pit for all to see and later to be released appropriately into the surrounding forests. Never a dull day at Clifton! – These all serve as a reminder, of the power of nature… both restorative and healing. Albert Einstein’s words ring true.

Sport too, has dominated many of our activities this past week: our boys’ and girls’ swimming teams competing with much success in the Inter Schools’ Galas. Our boys came 4th in the A Group Gala and our girls 2nd in the B Group Gala, the latter just missing out on 1st place by a small margin. The Boys u12 and U13 relay teams were also awarded third place at the A Gala, a significant achievement. – Commitment, determination and talent have gone a long way in achieving these results. I am proud of them and their coaches.

All of our cricket teams have been in action too, although hesitant to single out teams, I do need to reflect on the success of our 1st XI Boys’ Cricket team who participated in the recent Independent Schools’ Cricket Festival, hosted by Whitestone Primary School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Winning all 5 matches, playing superb cricket and being the excellent ambassadors that we would want them to be, both on and off the field, I am proud of the team and their coaches. Many thanks to Mr Sean Veenstra and Mr Erik de Villiers for accompanying the boys and taking care of them, whilst the parent support was greatly appreciated too.