Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 11 November 2019


Dear Parents

I enjoyed this quote by “anonymous”. And there is much to be thankful of and
for being willing to see possibilities and opportunities when things look anything
but bright.

This week saw our Grade 5s interact with Crystal Springs Primary School children
in the Lidgetton area (in conjunction with the ‘Partners for Possibility’ project with whom Clifton Notties has become involved). The photos on our Facebook
page capture the special moments beautifully as our children read to them and interacted with them. Our academic staff have also begun partnerships with
their staff…it is the start of something special. I thank the Grade 5s for donating a considerable amount of money raised from their Carnival Day to Crystal Springs
School. Projects are in place and partnerships have been formed.

For our grade 6 and 7s, Review Week and assessments are upon us. There is much literature around which points to the skills needed for our children in 2020. We know that memorization is not one of the top ten skills needed in 2020. If school is about preparing children for the future, we need to shift our focus. The World Economic Forum states that top ten skills needed for jobs in 2020 are:…