Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 02 August 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

These short but incisive words by Aesop have been a recurring theme for us as a School this term. I have reflected on the importance and value of kindness in our lives in numerous assemblies. How true they are for us – whether adult or child.

With kindness, caring and giving the topic of discussion as mentioned, I have been delighted with the response of the number of second-hand books donated by our children for the ‘Partners for Possibility’ initiative for Mandela Day…5 apple- boxes full of books will be handed to Mrs Kate Bayne, a committee member for ‘Partners for Possibility’, at the Monday assembly of 12 August. In addition to our growing social responsibility plan at Clifton Notties, I am also grateful to Mr Sipho Mkhonza (Head of IT) who is involved in partnering with Michaelhouse in IT outreach work for local schools in the area.. I thank him for his commitment to this significant cause.

As I write this, I cannot believe that we are almost finished with our third week of school of Term 3. At the beginning of the term, we welcomed Ms Marné Swart and Ms Grace Buchan-Smith, our two new TUKs students who are completing their teaching practice programme at Clifton. They will be with us for this term. We wish them a happy stay at Clifton!

Left : Grace Buchan-Smith and
Right : Marné Swart

This Term always sees some bigger trips for our Senior Grade children. As reflected later in the newsletter, our
Grade 7 trip to Botswana is always a life-changing experience…and this one was no different. My thanks to Mr Pete Quinn in driving and co-ordinating this trip with passion. The Grade 6 trip to Babanango was (and remains) a highlight, although by all accounts, several unwell children added a new dimension to the trip! Obviously a foretaste of things to come, as many of our children (and surrounding schools in the Midlands) have been off ill this week with severe flu symptoms. I have not escaped the flu either. The “joys” of community living!

You would have seen excavation work near our Outdoor Adventure course area: pipes are being laid for improved drainage on the Forbes’ Field. Often water-logged in the summer months, the new drainage system will certainly improve matters significantly.

Speaking of the Outdoor Adventure area, there have been some wonderful additions to it: swings and like have
added to this wonderful part of our campus.

A few traffic matters which need attention:
1) Please note, the Chapel parking area is reserved for visitors and staff. There have been a few “near misses” in accidents as the traffic has picked up in the dropping- off of children. Cars reversing with children in the carpark is potentially dangerous.
2) The “drop- and- go” parking in the JP area is strictly for “drop-and-go” parking.
3) A reminder that the speed limit around the campus is 20km/h!

I am sure some of you may have read the well-known environmentalist, John Varty’s open letter to Heads of Schools. He challenges us about how our education system is changing (with the increased pressures on the world) and, questions how we will equip our children /youth who will, by 2050, compete with a global population of 10 billion people. He suggests that “human beings for their own survival will return to small communities inter- dependent upon each other”. I have just to think of how the “bartering system” is returning to society, to realise life and its cycles. The challenges are for all of us to confront. It is well worth the read. The
link to the letter is:

All that is left for me to do is to wish you a happy weekend!

Kind regards