Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 21 June 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians

And so the end of the 2nd term is upon us and in a few minutes time, the campus will fall silent again as the holidays commence. It has been a short and very “sharp” term, but it has been a successful one. Navigating outof-
synch calendars of State and Independent Schools has had its challenges, but these have been largely
resolved with careful planning and communication.

As stated in previous newsletters, Clifton Notties’ children have been very well represented in the provincial hockey (boys and girls), rugby and squash teams.

Five of our children are recipients of prestigious scholarships for high schools in 2020. In the photo below, they are (from left: Chloe Hatch (Sport Scholarship to Epworth), Max Rautenbach (Clifton Closed Scholarship to Michaelhouse), Jenna Viljoen (Open All Rounder Scholarship to Uplands College, White River), Ross Moller (Rector’s Exhibition All Rounder Scholarship to Michaelhouse) and Jordan Stanistreet (Clifton Closed Scholarship to St John’s DSG).

The preceding weeks have seen the Grade 6 and 7s writing their academic Review Programme; a departure from the traditional “Control Test” week, this has been an exciting and “new” venture. The rigour has remained, but the intention and focus has shifted. It is about “assessment for learning” as opposed to “assessment of learning”, with the process reinforcing the fact that varying
assessments are all valid in the process of assessing learning. Hopefully the ‘sting” of examinations (and the connotations of the word) has been removed too. Feedback from all parties is
(and will be sought!)

You will notice a “new look” report for Senior and Junior Primary. This has been a work in progress with much consultation. It is about refining and the streamlining the existing one.

This week we bade a sad farewell to Mr Tristram Holden, a Gap student from Scotland. In a short while, he has made a significant impact on our School. He returns to Scotland to continue his studies. I thank Tristram for his significant contribution to Clifton and wish him well for the future. We hope to see him back at Clifton in the future.

{Right: Tristram Holden seen with Mrs
Heather Kelland and the Grade 0s}

I have received a letter of thanks from the Nottingham Road Police Station for the generosity shown by our Clifton family. The donated food/goodies for their hamper from us, acknowledging the numerous awards received by them (as reflected in a recent newsletter) has been hugely appreciated.
Thank you for your support in this venture.

{Left : A representative from the Nottingham Road SAPS receiving the hamper from the Clifton family}

I enjoyed reading the following article by Gavin McCormack, entitled “Ten questions all parents should ask the Principal before enrolling their child”. Although not a definitive list, it does talk to the ethos and the heart of a school. It opens up important conversations.
The link is https://gavinmccormack.com.au/ten-questions-allparents-

As we leave on our respective holidays, I leave this image for you to ponder on. I thought it appropriate and relevant.

I wish you all a special holiday with your family.

Kind regards