Headmaster’s Newsletter – 14 May 2021


Dear Clifton Parents and Guardians

In a week commemorating Ascension Day and Jesus’ ascent to Heaven, I am reliably informed by Google that this is celebrated in different ways in various parts of the world. In parts of Sweden, for example, some people take to going into the woods to hear the birds at sunrise. In some parts of England I am led to believe that a custom known as ‘beating the bounds’ existed until not too long ago, perhaps helped in its demise by the abolition of corporal punishment. However, it may be, this custom apparently involved beating the local lads with willow branches as they traversed the boundaries of their parish. This, in part, helped to purify their souls. Some might see merit in both activities, methinks. Fortunately, we had Mr Majola’s tutor group on hand in Monday’s assembly to remind us of the power of our words and to focus on our responsibilities towards ourselves and each other as we go forward – an important note to us all.