Headmaster’s Newsletter – 7 May 2021


 Dear Clifton Parents and Guardians

It was Thomas Berry, no relation to rock ‘n roll legend Chuck Berry, who wrote that ‘teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives’. He would have been proud of the enthusiasm seen in our Clifton children and staff in trying to finish off the Clifton Tree Challenge this past week. The Cork-bark tree has been the most elusive tree, it appears! In tandem with this, our drive has been to remind our children to focus on their own roots in going forward. Responses from the children in Monday’s assembly reflected that our roots were not just the morals, values and habits that ground us, but also an acknowledgement of our cultures and, indeed, the culture of Clifton. That our children are mindful of the need to respect and uphold our roots is gratifying.