Headmaster’s Newsletter – 30 April 2021


Dear Clifton Parents and Guardians

It is not always easy to generate nor sustain momentum. The theme of personal growth with which we began the term has continued, with this week’s focus being one of the importance of persevering. The arrival of a signed Italian rugby jersey – that of Sebastian Negri (Clifton Rugby and Cricket captain of 2007) – and delivered by Mr Brad McLeod-Henderson of Hilton College late last week precipitated sharing Sebastian’s story with the children on Monday. A nuggetty, humble, charismatic and grounded young man fresh from Zimbabwe who had a flair for sport, somehow earning the nickname of ‘Johnny Legs’ as a result of his impossibly long legs which he now seems to have grown into. Sebastian went on from Clifton to represent Hilton College 1st XV before spending some time with the Western Province Academy. This was followed by a move to Hartpury College (UK) to further his studies, and culminated in gaining selection for Benetton Rugby and a subsequent call-up for the Italian national rugby team, the Azurri, making his debut for Italy in 2016 and maintaining a spot in the starting line-up ever since. Sebastian’s character, passion (and impressive statistics) speak for themselves, and his journey has been the epitome of what we stand for at Clifton – perseverance, integrity, wholehearted effort, good sportsmanship and respect, particularly. Without quoting Frank Sinatra too closely, dreaming the impossible dream does sometimes pay off; perseverance is the key.