Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 28 August 2020


“If you stumble make it part of the dance…”

I enjoyed this quote – applicable to each of us on so many levels and in so many contexts. The fact that our children are practising for their virtual Spring Ball dance videos makes the quote a tad more appropriate too! – And a reminder that these are due by Tuesday 1 September.

This week we had our annual Inter-House Cross Country, which created a great vibe on campus. The Grade 7s have shown wonderful team spirit as they have cheered each grade on in all the houses every day, from Grade 1-7, either during their lunch breaks or after school. In particular, I would like to acknowledge Rebecca Pringle (Grade 7) who, recognising that the Barbarians did not have green masks to represent them, (whilst Trojans and Crusaders had the red and blue school ones) took it upon herself to make for all the children. It is about being willing to “make a plan”, continuing to “dance/run” despite the proverbial stumble”. Thank you Rebecca for your initiative!