Bravehearts eNewsletter – 31 July 2020


Dear Parents / Guardians

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men (and women).”
Frederick Douglass

Last night’s successful webinar hosted by some members of our Learning Support Team, Megan Osler, Rachel Forword, Amie Henwood and Louisa Johnson, reminded me again of the “vulnerability” of our child/children. Entitled, “Parenting through the pandemic”, the presentation, which provided valuable tips and skills to be used in our individual parenting through any crisis, was exceptionally well received. Thought provoking, but also practical in its advice, spoke to the many aspects of parenting through this unprecedented moment in history. The phrase “CORONA FATIGUE” was used last night and it resonated with me – we cannot be “over corona” – our children are modelling their general behaviour, thoughts and emotions on our behaviour – a daunting ask of us! And yet fatigue is a word which sums up how most of us, I think, are feeling. Thank you to the ladies for the presentation and the parents for supporting this initiative (via the Google Meets platform). The hugely positive comments and remarks by the parents reinforced the success of the evening.

We welcomed back our Grade 00 and 0 teachers, children and parents this week. It is wonderful to have you all back and to be greeted by a host of happy, laughing children in the Pre-Primary. – Yesterday I even encountered a “creative counting” lesson in the one Grade 0 Maths lesson!