Bravehearts@home – 19 June 2020


19 June 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

This insert “hit home quite hard”, but on reflection, it dawned that this is exactly what we strive to teach our children at Clifton Notties. – A holistic education is not all about knowledge, but it is also about teaching our children to take responsibility for themselves, their actions, their achievements, their possessions and of course their attitude to everything in life. Our goal as parents and teachers is to equip our children to slowly but surely grow into independent adults and reach their own full potential. This topic was raised at our Boarding workshops held earlier in the year and the way in which all our staff strive to nurture each individual, to grow to “their” best potential and become independent… whether this is being responsible for keeping your area in the dorm tidy, remembering what day your sport practices are on or learning to do homework on your own, it is about taking responsibility for all aspects of your life. – Life is not about being better than another individual, but rather, “competing against yourself” being the “best you can be”. This is what Clifton teaches… “be that person that is responsible for your own actions and be the best you”.

So, despite curve balls being thrown at us, such as the Covid 19 pandemic, which if we are honest, none of us would have chosen, we can still choose the way and manner in which we respond to these circumstances. – Ironically, this is also what our President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa spoke about in his address to the nation on Wednesday evening. He emphasized that it is time for each individual to take responsibility to follow the suggested protocols with regards to the Covid Pandemic and ultimately take responsibility for their own health…