Bravehearts@home – 29 May 2020


29 May 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

With the re-opening of Clifton Notties, we are aware that there are mixed emotions amongst us all, some of excitement to see friends and even teachers on return! – On the other hand, the reality of having to wear masks, social distancing, not being able to play “bull dogs” at break times, “rough and tumble amongst the boys” or “give one another and the teachers hugs” will be foreign for us. Daily routines will be different at Clifton Notties, as it will be in ALL schools re-opening. Sadly, this is the “new normal” for now, but it won’t be forever…

Please may we encourage you as in previous Bravehearts@home editions to:
1. Remain positive and focus on the “positives” with your children as they return.
2. Remind them to be grateful that they can return to school, even if not for a full week to start.
3. Remind them to be kind to their friends as they may be feeling a little nervous to return and that is understandable.

The way we respond in “times of adversity and change” is more important than anything else and our children will take their lead from us. – If we can try to “model” the above traits covered in previous Braveheart newsletters for our children, it will go a long way to empower our children to adapt to this “new normal” more easily and with less anxiety, than if we resist it.