Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 27 February 2020


Dear Parents

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”
Phyllis Diller

The Comedienne, Phyllis Diller was “on the button” when she uttered these words; the power of a smile, a kind word… or even a kind deed. In this week’s assembly, I focused on bullying. No school, organization or entity can claim to be free from it and I stressed to our children that my presentation applied as much to them as it did to adults. It is about identifying it and giving the children skills to cope. I trust that my chat and illustrations struck a chord with them… Please be assured that there is zero-tolerance for a bully at Clifton Notties. I also reinforced the difference between being a bully and someone just being nasty. Neither is acceptable, but the difference is understood.

A reminder of the presentation by Mrs Christy Herselman on the social media space and our children, on the 12 March at 17h15. The advertisement will be appearing on the various social media platforms today and it is open to the public. Separate presentations will be given to our Junior Primary and Senior Primary children during the school day. – Having presented at prominent schools in the area recently, I am excited to hear Christy speak. Social media and its influences including cyber bullying, remain a pervasive threat – for all of us. Knowledge is power. I encourage you to attend.

A reminder: High School Applications/Open Days/ Scholarship Examinations etc. are well under way. Please remember to check out the High School information tab on the D6 where information of various events are reflected. We post what we receive from schools and thus provide the information/service as reflected. There is no favouring of any one school. The rule is simple: no high school is allowed to market their school directly to Clifton; if an event is being planned by a High School and an advertisement is supplied by the school concerned, we will post the advertisement on the D6 High School Info tab. I met with all the Grade 7s a few weeks ago and gave them tips about the interview process from a Head’s perspective. We cannot underestimate the pressure our children feel about the high school application process and we all need to play a role in minimising this stress. If you would like to have an informal chat to me about the choices that confront you, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me. I will happily offer advice where possible.