Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 24 October 2019


“Don’t prepare the path for the child, prepare the child for the path.”
Zig Ziglar

Dear Parents/Guardians

The words of Zig Ziglar ring as true for me as a father of my two children (and as a teacher) as I assume they do for you too. This is our “challenge”…balancing the natural role of protector of and provider for a child while allowing them the space to find their “own path”. Balance is, I suppose, the operative word…and trust and faith.

This week’s newsletter is filled again with the myriad of activities which our children are involved in. It is a busy but exciting time of the year. From my office, the sound of Christmas Carols being sung and practised by our Choir and Band, is a strong reminder that the year is almost

The u12 Boys’ Cricket Team departed for the annual St David’s Cricket Festival in Johannesburg yesterday. I wish them well for the tournament, knowing that they have been well prepared and ready
for the challenges presented to them.

I asked Rebecca Hoatson (a Grade 5 pupil) whether she would be willing to do a presentation in our Assembly this past week. She has an interesting and inspiring story to tell of how she has used her entrepreneurial skills in the making of “grass heads” characters. This has led to a very lucrative and thriving business venture…as well as a funding of an overseas trip for her and her mother! Her
presentation was a reminder to me of the world our children are going to inhabit (and already are)…a world where the skills of collaboration, creativity, problem solving…and whole lot of confidence are necessary. Our role as teachers and parents is vital in preparing them for this

I thank everyone who participated in the “swimathon” to raise continued awareness of cancer.

I wish to confirm that Mrs Lorna Bruwer (HoD of Junior Primary) will be a non-class teacher from 2020. Although sad to be leaving the class teacher role, she (and I) are excited that the move will
allow her to focus on her core role of support in the fullest sense of the word. She will still be involved in the classroom as she will be teaching Life Orientation and Afrikaans to the junior classes. I am also pleased to announce that we have appointed Mrs Donna Moor, for Grade 2 next year. Presently teaching at Treverton, Donna is an experienced and passionate teacher and well known in the community. Mrs Lisel Silk will be joining Mrs Laura Fleischack in Grade 3. The appointment of the new teacher for the second Grade 1 class is to be announced shortly.

All that is left for me to do is to wish you a good weekend and (short) week ahead.

Kind regards                                  VIKTOR KURZ                              HEADMASTER