Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 20 September 2019


“A person who won’t read has no advantage over the one who can’t read.” Mark Twain

Dear Parents/Guardians

Mark Twain’s words ring true for the world over…and with the ever-inspiring and invigorating Literature Week having just passed, the words could not be more apt. There is no excuse for not wanting to read!

The past few days have been the veritable hive of activity that we have come to expect from any busy Quarter. From the numerous Inter house sports matches, Literature Week, the Musical recitals for both Junior and Senior Primary and the Junior Primary Production of “Bugs for Africa” … what a wonderful snapshot of our School it has been! A balanced and holistic education in abundance.

This past Friday, we hosted our Class of 2014 children (now in Matric) to our annual Dinner/Reunion to meet the class of 2014. It reminded me afresh of the impact that Clifton Notties has on our children. Excited to see each other and swap stories of five and more years ago, they quickly ran off (once they had arrived) to check out the Boarding houses, Top Woods and the general campus…all shrouded in the predictable mist that had descended.

This past week I attended the national Conference of Heads’ of Independent Schools’ (Prep-Primary to High School). It provided a more than good moment to reflect on the realities of education (and life) in the South African landscape. There is much hope, but also sobering realities concerning the pressures that all schools (and education in general) face. Although Clifton Notties is no “insular island” …we are blessed in a myriad of ways that are foreign to most Schools. I continue to feel proud of our magical School and what we espouse, care about and believe in. We cannot lose that which makes us “Clifton Notties”.