Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 23 August 2019


“True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through (finding) a worthy purpose”

Helen Keller

Dear Parents

I have just finished about reading Chip and Dan Heath’s book, “The power of moments”. I would highly recommend it. In it, they explore the distinction between purpose and passion. They define purpose as the sense that you are contributing to others, that your work has broader meaning. Passion is the feeling of excitement or enthusiasm one has for one’s work. The conclusion from research done (and explored in far more detail in the book) is that purpose trumps passion significantly. It was a somewhat interesting conclusion, one I was not necessarily expecting. I thought Helen Keller’s words appropriate too.

Mid-term break has come and gone in a flash. Thank goodness for the breaks…they do provide a chance to catch one’s breath and recharge the batteries for the term ahead! We ended, before the break, with the much anticipated Inter House Athletics Day. With a glorious sunny afternoon, matched with fine results and coupled with a wonderful spirit, the event was a success. The results are reflected below.

Although more information will be available in the next few days, a presentation, by Mr Gary Mortimer, pertaining to children and the social media, as well as an overview of the sporting philosophy of Clifton Notties (presented by the Sports’ Department) will be taking place. Appropriate times and venue will be communicated in due course. Save the date: 11 September. The presentations promise to be more than worthwhile opportunities to glean information.

After 22 years’ loyal and passionate service at Clifton Notties, Mrs Renee Karssing will be retiring at the end of this year. Although appropriate tributes and words will be expressed in the months ahead, I thank Renee for her complete commitment to the children who have passed through her classes over the years. She has certainly found her purpose in her years of teaching!

Past and present pupils excelled in recent weeks and days at national and international levels: Chloe Hatch (Grade 7), representing the Protea Team in the u14 age group in Polocross has returned from a very successful tournament in Zambia. Sebastian Negri (class of 2007) had been selected as part of the Italian National Rugby Team to compete in the Rugby World Cup later this year. We are proud of their achievements.

The following article by Katherine Martinelli is worth a read. Entitled “When to push your children and how to know if you’re pushing too hard”, it explores the reason(s) we may be pushing as parents/teachers and gives some insight as to how and when to push. The link is:
https://childmind.org/article/pushing-kids-without-pushing-too-hard/ I wish you well for the week ahead!

Kind regards.