Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 07 June 2019


Dear Parents/ Guardians

“The history of innovation is the story of ideas that seemed dumb at the time.” Andy Dunn

This past weekend, saw the South African National History Society visiting the Midlands. One place they visited on their two-day tour, was Clifton Notties and I was privileged to host them for a few hours as they learnt of our history and I was able to share ours with them. The photograph is of one of the members of the Society (and tour leader), Robert King.

With many retired educationists amongst the members, it was a special time of swopping stories and explaining trends in education etc. It reminded me too, that it took the braveness (of vision) of men and women to come into the Midlands and establish Clifton Notties 77 years ago…and look at us today!

I have been delighted by the cultural flavour of the past few days: our Junior and Senior Primary Choirs participated with aplomb at The Wykeham Collegiate and Epworth Choir Festivals respectively, while our Grade 7 Marimba Band performed at the Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg. Leanne and I are looking forward to listening to our Senior Primary Band performing at the Epworth Music Concert tonight. Music is alive and well at Clifton!

The various Inter-House rugby and hockey matches have been taking place during the week, and it has been good to see the children engaged and excited about their matches. The results of our girls’ and boys’ hockey and rugby teams respectively from last week’s Festival and Derby matches, reflect the more than successful season we have had. It is hard to believe that this weekend sees the last of our rugby and girls’ hockey matches. The term has sped by in a rush.

As I write this letter, our Grade 6 and 7 children’s Academic Review Week Programme has commenced where assessment for learning is at the heart of the process. I look forward to the feedback from everyone with regard to the Review Week. Our children need to become familiar with the notion of life-long learning as well as the different methods of assessments that they are going to encounter into the future. Assessment does not always need to be “feared”.

At this Monday’s assembly, we are going to be handing over the treats and goodies provided by many of you to thank our Nottingham Road Police Station and congratulate them on their awards. I thank you for all of your generous donations in enabling us to put this hamper together.

I came across this short video by Dr Justin Coulson (it is about 3mintes in length). It resonated with me…and I trust with you too. Although it focuses on his teen daughter and “rules”, they will certainly apply to you and your child/ren (if not now) then certainly in a year or three in the future. It is a powerful message for us as parents, not matter what the relationship. The link is:

As part of our social responsibility campaign, we are excited to be joining forces with ‘Partners for Possibility” in a reading initiative. (Please see advert on the right) ‘Partners for Possibility’ is a group of ladies in the community who are working tirelessly to assist 8 local under-privileged schools in their education journey. Mrs Karen McKenzie (a present Board member) approached Clifton to assist with this initiative.

We would like to extend this into our parent community and are requesting that, should you have an hour a week available to assist in this very worthwhile cause, please would you contact Mrs Leanne Kurz on Leanne.kurz@cliftonprep.org.za or Mrs Lorna Bruwer on lorna.bruwer@cliftonprep.org.za as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend as our sport fixtures reach a crescendo! Have a good week ahead.
Kind regards.