Headmaster’s Newsletter – 21 May 2021


Dear Clifton Parents and Guardians

The Amethyst Sunbird I introduced you to last week has moved off from the Chapel area, although I thought I spotted him briefly amongst the newly-flowering Wild Dagga plants when I was wandering around near the Grade 4 classrooms yesterday. He seemed to have flitted off when my attention was diverted briefly by the chatter around the two very sweet, very-good-at-escaping calves on loan to the Grade 4 farmers by Russell and Megan James. When I resumed my search for the Sunbird I realised the lesson he had taught me was to bring into context the need to adjust and adapt particularly within the context we currently face, as well as to find the brightness when it isn’t always that obvious – the flowers amongst the otherwise fading plants and shrubs with Winter soon upon us. Perhaps this is the mind-set that those pioneer Clifton boys created for us from the time they clambered off an oxwagon at Spring Grove Farm, Colonel Greene’s residence, following a gruelling train journey from Durban on 17th May 1942? Finding the good and genuinely celebrating the good in one another is something at which one thinks Clifton children are champions!