Headmaster’s Newsletter – 1 April 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians

“Never say good-bye because good-bye means going away and going away means forgetting.” Peter Pan

…and although this is my last newsletter, I am going to be following Peter Pan’s advice and am not going to be saying good-bye! There are too many special and precious memories here for that to happen. No forgetting…

I have always believed in the power of moments. I remember very clearly the moment when Mr Tom Turner, then Chairman of the Board phoned me to offer me the position of Head of Clifton Notties. Leanne had just finished her last chemo treatment and we were filled with hope for her health. Accepting the position as Head of Clifton was a natural one – a start of something new, as much as it mirrored Leanne’s start of her road to recovery from cancer.

It has been an honour to serve Clifton Notties as Head since 2015. In one of my first newsletters, I made mention of the magic of Clifton Notties – the magic that threads and weaves its way through everything. Clifton’s heart, its values and ethos, where we “champion childhood”, where kindness and good manners are given priority, and where toughness and tenderness live side by side – that is what makes Clifton the special place it is. To have played a role in Clifton has been a privilege.