Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 12 February 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”
Herbert Spencer

I have used this quote by Herbert Spencer, because as I sit and write this newsletter in my office, I am literally surrounded by the “noise” of happy children in action… playing under the maple tree, climbing the maple tree, running around the chapel… every single child involved in the process of “learning and growing” in a unique environment. That is Clifton! One cannot put a price on the process of learning.

The images reflected in this week’s newsletter reflect the learning (both incidental and intentional) that happens at Clifton Notties. That is the legacy of the “journey” of each child who attends Clifton Notties. It is a journey worth reflecting on and not forgetting – whether one be a parent or a former child/student of Clifton.

This past Monday assembly where our Grade 7s were awarded their Leavers’ ties was a significant moment for them. The video and photographs are available for viewing on the following link: