Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 06 November 2020


Dear Parents / Guardians

“Clifton is not just a place, it’s a feeling…”
Douglas Yorke-Smith (Old Cliftonian)

The words of Douglas Yorke-Smith above are prominently reflected on our website and often referred to in discussions we have as a staff as we reflect on what makes Clifton Notties what it is. As mentioned in a previous letter, numerous workshops are being (and have been) held where our MISSION, VISION and VALUES are being revisited.

Our recent staff workshop on this topic proved a most inspiring and invigorating exercise as we analysed, discussed, debated and reflected on what makes Clifton, Clifton. What is still relevant and unique? We were asked to dream and imagine a Clifton in 10 years’ time…what would a possible newspaper heading be which would capture the “essence” of Clifton? Interesting perspectives and ideas emerged. Again, I want to thank Mr Gavin Erasmus and Mrs Kerry Witherspoon for the significant role as they have facilitated these workshops with the respective groups. This afternoon sees our Old Cliftonians returning to Clifton to engage in a similar workshop.

By all accounts, our traditional and annual Grade 6 Wild Coast Hike with parents and children during the recent mid-term break was a wonderful experience. The value of family and time spent with each other cannot be overstated in these Covid times.