Headmaster’s eNewsletter – 18 September 2020


Dear Parents

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


I reported in my most recent quarterly Board Report that I do not believe anyone can argue that Clifton Notties has not risen up, faced and met the challenges of The Covid-19 head-on. Have we always got it right? No. Have we had the best interests of everyone in mind? Yes. Nothing has changed: Clifton remains Clifton.

On 16 June I reflected in a letter to you that each school is unique, and we all operate with the best interests of our children, staff and parents in mind. As said repeatedly, this is a time to TRUST, be PATIENT, be FLEXIBLE and to have FAITH. This sentiment remains and Eleanor Roosevelt’s words ring true.

This end of term letter serves to acknowledge the past two terms but to look at what is changing in Term 4 too. The disconnect between what can (and logically could be) allowed and what is not allowed at schools has been a constant source of tension and stress for every Head of School. I have not been exempt from this stress. However, the “easing of restrictions”, and the move to level 1 of lockdown, will allow us to be bolder in our approach to Covid-19 and the structure of the day. This has the approval of our Board of Directors.