Headmaster’s Newsletter 23 January 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together, we can do great things.”

Mother Teresa

Although I quote the words by Mother Teresa often, they remain hugely relevant for me (and us all) no matter what our context or position is. Clifton is a school with many moving parts, with varying skills and talents on all fronts (children, teachers/staff and parents). Knowing and remembering that we are one big family, helping and supporting each other in reaching a common goal and destiny for each of our children, is important and reassuring.

A warm welcome to our “new parents”. The new cycle of (Clifton) life has begun and it is hard to believe that a week has raced by since our children arrived at School. We are delighted to welcome the arrival of our new staff, Mrs Emma Fyvie (Grade 00) and Mr Sean Veenstra (Head of Boys’ Sport) as well as our new Interns. Please see the photographs below.

The PA ‘Welcome’ function on the first day back at School last week, provided the perfect platform for informal chatter and information sharing. Communication in its various forms (as well as knowing the communication channels) remains the vital component in ensuring everyone’s “happiness and connectedness.” The Parents’ and Pupils’ Guide Book is a useful tool in this regard. It has been placed on the d6.

Speaking of the d6, an email will be sent to parents shortly explaining about the installing and refining of the use of the d6. It consists of a series of easy-to-follow steps with regards to its use. I thank Mr Sipho Mkhonza for creating this useful guide.

I was more than heartened (and proud) when the Rector of Michaelhouse made mention of how the Grade 8 boys (called E Block at Michaelhouse) had settled in to the rhythm of their new School…and then made specific mention of two boys who had made a significant impact in the first week…both Clifton Notties’ boys! I thought it appropriate to quote an extract from his words.

The Rector writes:

Sadly all home matches were called off due to the weather and the cricket at Westville lasted only until lunch-time. We were put in to bat first in each match and acquitted ourselves very well. Murray Baker scored 104 runs in his first outing for Michaelhouse. Joshua Hoatson raised the squash bar by securing his place in the top eight on the school ladder. This earned him selection to the 1st squad and he then went on to win his match against a senior player. These performances by E Blockers in their first week must be firsts for Michaelhouse!”

Our academic, sporting and cultural programme has kicked off with vigour, with numerous sporting and cultural trials/auditions having happened in the past few days. Our “coaching the coaches” programme has also been welcomed by our staff, as both cricket and tennis coaches have enjoyed being helped with additional coaching techniques and drills.

I came across this interesting article in The Guardian concerning ways to raise a resilient child. I believe it offers valuable tips and viewpoints on the topic. The link is:


Please see the change in details with regard to our ‘Moms Who Pray’ group who meet weekly.

I wish you a happy week ahead.

Kind regards.