Headmaster’s Newsletter 04 December 2018


“You can do what I cannot do, and I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.”

Mother Teresa

Dear Parents/Guardians

And so, this marks the final newsletter for 2018. The words quoted above (and attributed to Mother Teresa) have remained my mantra for the better part of the year. The words reflect what is an essential truth for any organization, group of people or context involving people (and Clifton Notties is no different), that with our different strengths and interests, so much more can be achieved when we work together.

We end 2018 with a strong sense that much has been achieved – on so many levels. Progress and developments with regards to our organizational and physical structures, as well as relationships within the various structures that constitute Clifton Notties, are noted. These are good signs and positive and exciting indications for our future on so many levels at Clifton Notties.

I am pleased to announce that Mrs Emma Fyvie has been appointed as the second Grade 00 teacher from January 2019. An experienced teacher from St Patrick’s Preparatory School in Kokstad, I am excited about the value she will add to our School. Mrs Kim Collyer has been appointed as locum teacher for the Grade 6 post for Term 1 in 2019 until the arrival of Mrs Lisa Abbott in April 2019. I am also pleased to announce that Mr Andre Swart has been appointed as the Assistant Housemaster for Boys’ House for 2019.

The Junior and Senior Primary Carol Services as well as the Senior Primary Prize Giving this past Saturday, have reinforced the diverse talent and ability of our children. It was exciting to see. Our Grade 7 Leavers’ Dinner rounded off a more than memorable week of activities and festivities. My thanks go to the numerous staff and, in particular, the parents, who made this particular evening so special.

I wish our Grade 7 Class of 2018 much success as they embark on their respective and exciting journeys into Grade 8 next year.

With holidays about to start and “free time” at our fingertips, I found the following article on children’s use of technology very interesting and useful. Written by Nellie Bowles for “The New York Times”, it explores the “dark consensus about kids and screens (which) begins to emerge in Silicon Valley”. It is reality for all of us. I encourage you to read the article. The link is:


With school reports about to be released, all that is left for me to do is to wish you and your respective families a blessed Christmas!

Kind regards.