Headmaster’s Newsletter 14 February 2019


Dear Parents/Guardian

This past week has seen some special moments as children have fought back from the brink of “defeat” to win a match or race. What is also exciting is the selection of three of our children for the Midlands’ Swimming Team (see photo later). I congratulate our Tennis, Swimming and Cricket Captains for 2019 (again, see photo later). To all the Midmar swimmers…I salute you!

With load-shedding taking its toll on daily routines and efficiencies, we are all adjusting to the significant inconveniences of the power outages. With no generator, we are adapting to the situation to the best of our ability.

Last week, I sent out a brief document via e-mail explaining the various platforms of communication that exist at Clifton Notties. I have become aware that many people did not receive it. I will be sending it out on the d6 today.

A document will also be sent out on the d6 with regards to our interns and gap student, explaining their respective roles. I did include photos of our Interns in the newsletter two weeks, but have included their photos again in the document.

We are aware that with the heavy rains, massive “dongas” have been created in the roads in and around Clifton. These are being repaired.

A reminder again:

  • Speed limit on the campus is 20km/h. As per normal rules of the road, no cell-phone usage while driving around the campus. Some “near misses” have occurred recently.
  • For the ease of traffic flow, the reception carpark is reserved for visitors and staff only.
  • The boom-gate on the road behind the Junior Primary is closed for the general public except:
    • it is opened for boarder parents on a Monday only from 05h30 – 08h00
    • deliveries for the Kitchen
    • special occasions/events
  • The bollards outside the Junior Primary road are closed at 05h30 each day and opened at 14h00, except on a Friday when it is opened at 12h30. It is opened at 09h30 at half-term and at the end of term only.
  • Please adhere to the “no parking” signs around Clifton, especially around the pool area.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with regards to the above rules and requests.

The following article explains and explores the link between Mathematics and movement. Written by Lisa Marnell, it makes for interesting reading.


All that is left for me to do, is to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and a good week ahead!

Kind regards.