Clifton Riding School

The Clifton Riding School in an integral part of our ethos. It is a highlight of the day to see the horses come to “tea” in the afternoons.

Perhaps the most photographed moment for our Riding School and horses is during the annual joBerg2c, when they lead out the riders through our school gates to the sound of the bagpipes.

The Riding School has a grass show jumping arena, a sand dressage arena (70 x 30m), a grass dressage arena (60 x 20m), and cross-country jumps. In addition, the children are able to go on scenic outrides in the forests to the west of the school and on the adjacent farmlands.

The Riding School certainly contributes to Clifton being “the ideal place to grow children.”

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“I don’t know of a better way to raise kids, observes a father of three, all of them riders. They learn to think on their feet. They learn respect. And they learn to accept responsibility for their actions.”

– Darwin Pluhar

Who can ride at Clifton?
Clifton Riding School offers a wide range of options for children that wish to pursue horse riding. We have children riding from Grade 0 and beginner level, up to Grade 7, including provincial competitors.
Can I stable my own horse?
The school has 12 stables. Livery is both inside and outside. Stabling is open to Clifton families and the broader community.
If I don’t have a horse can I still ride?
Clifton has 7 school ponies for those riders without their own horses.
What if I want to ride competitively?
Our competitive riders travel most weekends to shows across the province, and occasionally nationally. The children compete in all disciplines. Clifton is registered with the South African Equestrian Society as well as SANESA Schools.
What riding lessons are on offer?
Children who register to ride enjoy one or two 45-minute group lessons, with no more than five in a group, per week. A 30-minute group lesson is offered to younger children and individual lessons may be arranged. The lessons are based on a wide variety of disciplines but a focus is given to show jumping, showing, dressage, equitation and eventing. For children not wishing to partake in the competitive side of riding, lessons are structured around safety on horses, and riding skills are the focus. These do at times cross over with the competitive lessons as the basics are the same.
Can I take lessons at Clifton if not a pupil of the school?
Yes, all lessons are open to Clifton families as well as the broader community.

Mrs Lauren Menton is our SANEF-qualified riding instructor, and offers lessons to children along with our assistant instructor, Ms Elbe Rautenbach.

For further information, contact Lauren Menton on or 0839617675