The Ideal Place to Grow Teachers

The Ideal Place to Grow Teachers

The Clifton Intern Programme

It is our vision to guide and mentor the growth of the next generation of educators. With this in mind, we create opportunities for an all-round teaching, coaching and mentoring experience.

The Intern and Gap Student Programmes are vital components in the successful running of Clifton Notties. The young men and women involved in the programmes have an impact across all aspects of the school. They can be found in the classrooms, on the sports fields, in the boarding houses, in the arts and culture department and up the trees of Top Woods!

The Clifton Intern Programme is for you if you want to be part of a team that makes a difference in children’s lives and you are:

– enthusiastic about working with young children
– want to make teaching children your career in academics, the arts and/or sport
– love activity, the outdoors and having good clean fun
– well-grounded with healthy values
– hardworking and thirsty to learn
– creative, innovative, fearless and love a challenge

If you’re interested in learning more, please email or call +27 (0)33 266 8200.

“A  modern teacher is able to guide children into an enquiring mind-set, a mind-set which encourages them to ask the right questions of the world and themselves.”

– André Swart, Clifton Intern


What is the difference between an Intern and a Gap Student?

Interns refer specifically to men and women who are currently studying toward a Bachelor of Education Degree or Sports Science Diploma through correspondence.

Gap Students are not studying toward a teaching degree. Thus, their day is not centered on class time, but rather on being a pair of hands wherever they are most needed – be in the IT department, sports field or as a human jungle gym in the JP.

How do I apply to join the Clifton Intern Programme?
If you feel you are the ideal Clifton Intern and feel inspired by the programme, please take the first steps toward getting yourself on board – check the ISASA website to see if posts are available and for the relevant contact details.
What does the typical Intern journey include?

The Intern journey here at Clifton includes a combination of daily experiences in the classroom setting while allowing time to work on study assignments and exam preparation.

You will also be involved in coaching co-curricular activities, either as a coach or manager.

Interns also do boarding duties and take an active role in being a Big Brother or Big Sister to our boarding children.

 Interns follow the Clifton calendar in the school and work in partnership with members of the teaching staff. Allowing for a hands-on teaching experience with a mentor teacher in the classroom. You will be involved in day and overnight excursion as well as boarding activities and events.

Clifton prides itself as being “the Ideal Place to Grow Teachers” and if you are dynamic, creative and have a passion for teaching, we want you on our team!