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2024 Brave Heart Scholarships

Clifton Nottingham Road offers merit-based scholarships to boys and girls who are not already enrolled; entering Grade 5 in 2024.

Qualifying candidates will be interviewed and assessed, by invitation, at Clifton Nottingham Road.

All scholarships awarded for 2024 will be up to 80% off tuition and valid for the duration of the recipient’s career at Clifton Nottingham Road, subject to ongoing acceptable levels of commitment and performance.

Closing date for applications: 22 June 2023

Please Note:

· Academic assessment to be written by all boys and girls

· All boys and girls to be involved in a sport and/or art programme

· All boys and girls, and their families, to be interviewed by the Headmaster and a senior member of staff

Application Fee:

A R500 application fee is required, and should be made to:

Clifton Prep School Nottingham Road
Bank: FNB
Branch: Mooi River 220525
Account No: 53050771197
Reference: Applicant Surname/BHS

Brave Heart Scholarship Application Process

Applications close on Friday 22 June 2023

Step 1: Please complete the application form below.

Step 2: Upload the completed form, together with the following documents, into the relevant upload sections below:

Proof of payment of application fee

– A copy of your child’s birth certificate

– Your child’s most recent report card

– A letter of motivation detailing your child’s achievements

Step 3: Submit application.

Please Note: If you have any queries, or are struggling to apply online, please email: braveheart@cliftonprep.org.za

Brave Heart Scholarship Application Form


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    Is There Anything We Need to Know About Your Child That Will Impact Daily Living?
    (Name & Date of Birth)
    Any Previous Relatives/Siblings at Clifton?
    (Name, Relationship, Years Attended & Sporting House)


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    Step 3 of 4: PARENT/GUARDIAN 2

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    Step 4 of 4: DOCUMENT UPLOADS

    The Following File Types are Allowed, and Must be Under 2MB: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOCX

    Please Upload Proof of Payment *

    Please Upload Your Child's Birth Certificate *

    Please Upload a Copy of Your Child's Most Recent Report Card *

    Please Upload a Letter of Motivation Detailing Your Child’s Achievements *