Headmaster’s Newsletter – 08 September 2023


Dear Parents,

I hope this weekly message finds you in good health and high spirits.

With the shift in the weather towards warmer days here in the Midlands, there’s an unmistakable air of excitement all around. This excitement is particularly palpable on our beautiful Clifton campus. The children, much like all of us, are embracing the changing season as a reminder of hope and the inherent beauty of life. The sight of trees blossoming and new plants emerging is celebrated by the return of our many bird species.

This week, I had the honour of welcoming a special guest to our school, a kind-hearted lady who is generously sponsoring two of our students here at Clifton. While we sat down for a cup of coffee, joined by the class teacher, Mrs. Lister, a heartfelt conversation ensued about the children and their progress. It was during this discussion that something truly remarkable happened….