Headmaster’s Newsletter – 28 July 2023


Dear Parents,

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

During the recent camp with the grade 6 boys’ and girls’ to Babanango, I had the privilege of observing what makes Clifton boys’ and girls’ truly unique:

  • Their fearlessness in participating in activities
  • Their exceptional care for one another in a distinctive way
  • The outstanding manners they display when interacting with adults
  • Their ability to entertain themselves for hours without adult interference, fostering creativity and happiness

Let us celebrate the uniqueness Clifton provides in guiding our children on their journey to adulthood.

Keeping this in mind I would also like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the construction of the Clifton Road. It is truly heartwarming to see so many of you embracing this uncomfortable process with a positive and accommodating outlook….