Headmaster’s Newsletter – 24 February 2023


One of the most important aspects we may teach our children, is the gift of demonstrating kindness. The ability to look up, and take responsibility for improving someone else’s life, is a life skill not to be taken lightly.

At Clifton, our children had the opportunity this week to demonstrate random acts of kindness in and around the school. Some children were writing thank you cards, others collected litter and some even helped out in the kitchen, whilst our little ones fed the horses treats in the paddocks.

People often ask me why we make such a big deal insisting our Clifton children stop and greet adults. I feel this is where the origin of kindness lies. The ability to pause and recognise others, is a skill that does not just occur overnight. In the same way that you don’t just wake up one morning feeling healthy and fit. It requires years of discipline and making good choices. The same is true for our children. We want them to be raised to develop into adults with the drive and motivation to look out for the needs of others, and demonstrate random acts of kindness as part of their disciplined lives.