Bravehearts@home – 12 June 2020


Dear Parents / Guardians

We are at the end of our first week of the whole school having had an opportunity to venture out from their “home bubbles” and return to school. It is wonderful to hear the laughter and chatter of children, see the activity and feel the energy on campus once more. – It is exciting to have them back!

Of course there has been some apprehension, not only for our children as they navigate the “new normal” but visibly from some parents as well, dropping their children off after having been home for a couple of months. Despite this, our Bravehearts have been brave and they have done it. Well done to them all!

This has certainly been a “journey” that will go down in the memory books. May we take this opportunity to thank our parent body for their support and encouragement that we have received directly or indirectly, as well as some on social media, for the way in which the school has managed the circumstances surrounding the Covid Pandemic. – Special thanks must also go to our Covid Committee, headed up by Sister Rose, for all the hard work behind the scenes and the courageous way they have tackled the monumental task of preparing our school for the return of all children, whilst placing all the necessary legislative protocols in place, not to mention the daily drop off and screening process. – To highlight our gratitude we share the following and quote Hayley Muirhead: